Your precision metal partner on the cutting edge of medical technology

Vantedge Medical

Your precision metals based manufacturing partner on the cutting edge of medical technology

Comprehensive Capabilities

Vantedge Medical is a proven partner to Medical Technology OEMs. For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing a full suite of expert-level solutions from complex machining and stamping to the manufacturing of complete assemblies for growing markets including Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS), Radiation Oncology, Surgical Instruments and Components, Orthopedics, Dental implants, and more.

The Premier Metals-Based Med-Tech Solution Partner

We offer full-service capabilities from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing to simplify your supply chain and accelerate time to market for your vital medical products.

  • Medical Device Components
  • Surgical Tools
  • Medical Robotic Parts
  • RAS Manufacturing
  • Medical Instruments
  • Medical Imaging Systems Frames & Enclosures

At Vantedge, collaboration and manufacturing excellence is in our DNA.

Repeatability - Vantedge utilizes a suite of highly automated machining techniques that allow for precise, intricate parts with tight tolerances in a repeatable fashion. 

Efficiency - Speed your time to market with efficient machining capabilities that allow for multiple processes in one tool.

Accuracy - Utilizing high spindle speeds and Swiss machining allows for tighter tolerances and precise dimensions.

Processability - At Vantedge, we perform in-process data collection and validation to ensure processability and to be proactive about quality.